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What is proun? Proun (the project of approving a new one) is a neologism that came up with El Lissitzky about 100 years ago to designate a new artistic system invented by him, connecting the idea of a geometric plane with the laws of constructive construction of a three-dimensional form.

The former banker, co-owner of Sovcombank, at some point stopped his business in Russia and left for Monaco. However, while still a banker, Vasily had diverse interests.

Do you dream of flying into space?

Aliya Prokofieva not only dreams, she actively and systematically embodies the dream of many-many people.

She creates a global project that takes us to a new level of development and awareness, the project that changes the world.

Banksy is one of the most mystical modern figures in the genre of street art. This pseudonym is now known throughout the world, because it was he who managed to pay such close attention to graffiti and raise it to the rank of modern art.

Avantgardist in art and life, who avoided classicism, but afterwards has become the classics himself – Francis Picabia – the temperamental Spanish-French artist from Paris. We would like to dedicate this article to his multi-faceted art and bright individuality.

Among the eminent artists, the majority have studied painting at the appropriate institutions, some of them casted studies soon, seeing in academies the absence of self-expression freedom. The artist we are going to talk about haven`t been studying in schools of painting either, he just loved art and painting was able to change his life abruptly even though the rules of society.

Jean Giraud was one of the founders of the magazine Métal Hurlant and the publishing house Les Humanoïdes Associés. Не known as Gir, co-creator of realistic character Lieutenant Blueberry, and as Mœbius, who changed the aesthetic of science fiction and narrative model of comics.

Giger. His very name sounds like an alien. One of the greatest talents of the 20th century Hans Rudolf «Rüdi» Giger is the Swiss surrealist, whose design work for «Alien» brought him the Oscar and forever changed science fiction.

In 1891, when the Bulgarian Ministers saw the recent acquisition of Prince Ferdinand they were so scared that crossed in front of work of art.

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