Our philosophy and our goals

reshDear Friends,
As a founder of the Open Culture Foundation I would like to thank you cordially for your high interest towards the Foundation’s activities.

We believe together we are able to make the world slightly better and sincerer. Thank you for not being indifferent to art and supporting the activities of the Foundation.

Your help is an invaluable contribution to the development of charity and it is undoubtedly a considerable support for us.

Let your kindness and generosity return to you a hundredfold. I wish you all the best, health, prosperity and kindness throughout your life's journey.



Nataliya Resh
OCF Founder





The idea of creating a foundation arose at the moment when impossibility of implementing the major projects without any specific educational institution has become clear.

Open Culture Foundation has been founded in the year 2014 on my initiative. The Foundation has been established aiming to support and promote mainly cultural and artistic projects. One of the priority activities of the Open Culture Foundation is to assist in organizing exhibitions and educational events. Also, the Foundation carries out extensive consulting and informational activities — from legal and audit advice to assisting in financing and organizing working groups of the brightest and most interesting projects in the field of fine arts and philanthropy.

We support a variety of cultural initiatives, such as exhibitions, educational and publishing programs.

One of the most important activities is to support regional programs and establish strong communicational bridges both, within Russia and beyond.
To do this, we organize innovative field of cultural dialogue.

Our slogan is «Art has no boundaries».

We believe that art is something that unites people from different cultural and ideological backgrounds in various parts of the world.
In every possible way we try to provide information support to cultural projects, as well as to educational and other projects in art and culture. We strive to achieve our goals through close cooperation with media and through publishing, holding lectures and other cultural events.

All the raised funds go to realization of these goals.

But perhaps the most important part of the Foundation’s main program is establishing of reliable communication channels between the Russian regions and the foreign audience with a view to explore art and culture of this country.

Поддержать фонд

Мы гордимся реализованными проектами и благодарим всех меценатов и друзей Фонда «Открытая Культура» за оказанную помощь. Ваша поддержка является ключевым фактором в реализации наших начинаний.


Support foundation

We are proud of the projects we have realised and say thank you to all philanthropists and the Open Culture Foundation’s friends for your help. Your support has been the key factor in the realising our endeavours.


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